Liturgical Ministries require you to be a practicing Catholic in good standing.  For instance, if married you should be married in the Church.  For clarification about your situation, please contact Fr. Patrick Donohoe.

Liturgical Ministries:

Lector: A person in good standing is called to joyfully proclaim the scriptures during Mass celebrations.  You need to be a confident reader and willing to practice the scriptures before Mass.

Extra Ordinary Minister of the Eucharist: An EM is a person in good standing and authorized by the pastor to distribute Holy Communion during Mass and to the sick and homebound of the parish.  This ministry requires specific training and commitment.

Altar Servers: Children and youth serve the altar during Mass and other Holy Day celebrations.  Boys and girls who have received First Holy Communion and commit to the time and study may serve as an altar server.

Sacristan: Assist pastor in the sacristy to make sure items are ready for use during the liturgy, books are properly marked and the sacristy is kept clean and orderly.

Usher: Person(s) to greet worshipers, to communicate with the pastor about assistance he may need during the liturgy, take care of any emergencies that my come up during the Mass and to be sure the sanctuary is clean and presentable for the next Mass.

Music Ministry: Providing music to enhance the liturgy.  We are actively seeking music talent to build up the music ministry.  If you are interested, please contact the parish office.